The Ultimatum Cali Tour RECAP!

Here is just a recap on what went down on The Ultimatum Cali Tour…

Before even landing on Los Angeles, I started to delve into the smog and started to think about how excited I was to even land in “the City of Angels”. I had thoughts running through my mind on how much Los Angeles Hip Hop have influenced me. From Project Blowed to the Living Legends… The list went on.

On our first show, which was at The Airliner, I gotta admit it was definitely not as packed as I thought it would be during the beginning but it started to crowd a little once it was about that time I got on stage. I met a bunch of local emcees such as Woes and others. But there were other emcees from out of state like Mantis Fist and Bullheaded, which were my favorite at the show. I had surprised appearances such as my man NEWKON, who is now with Kallusive clothing doing sick shit in LA and definitely representing Hawaii to the fullest…

This is the full ghetto footage of my set. Thanks to Blake (Crazy 8, Analog Dive) for shooting this! You can also catch my man, Kahlee of The Seed ripping it with me during the end of my set.

Shortly after watching other acts at The Airliner, Kahlee took us to Blue Monkey, which was down the street and went to celebrate RAKAA’s (Dilated Peoples) birthday. Many heads were there… DJ Rhettmatic, Defari, and others that I’ll leave nameless!

Of course being a local boy, I had the munchies so Kahlee took us to Roscoe Chicken and Waffles. Gotta say it was definitely pure goodness!

Next day, we head to San Diego to do an in-store at Access Music. Thanks to Norm Rockwell and the Access Family for having us do our thing. Along with the tour, are my boys Analog Dive. They definitely impressed me with their music and their live antics! It felt good to hear San Diego heads knowing my music and actually getting in-depth with some of my material. I’m glad that the people there embrace my shit.

Later on that night, we went straight to Carlsbad to rock it out at Boars Crossn. Cool people, fucked up promoter. We definitely got love out there but for future emcees wanting to do shows, NEVER go to BOARS CROSSN! Thanks to Tacs and Reason the Citizen for being hospitable in their area. Much Mahalos! Also, big ups to Pete from NAKAMA BRAND for hitting us up and bringing his people! Definitely feel the love, homie.

The next day we headed over to San Diego to kick some freestyles with Kahlee, Uptown Swuite and other emcees at this place called the Writer’s Block. What we didn’t know was that Kahlee had a friend named Sandman, who is also the host for MTV’s Made, that was coming down to the Writer’s Block to film us freestyling! We had a big cipher going around. It was a blessing to spit with these cats. It definitely sharpened each others skills, which made the cipher a lot more sick!

Afterwards, we headed straight to the LA area and kicked it with Packo’s boy, Tim. He was definitely helpful and kind to have us stay at his pad. Dude was speaking to us on how we can impact the industry with just blogging and other networking sources. Tim, this is why I am writing this goddamn blog about the tour! Thanks a million, homie!

Later the next day, we got to kick it with Slick from Dizzisit! He also had some guests in the area… like MASTA ACE! Thanks to SLICK for having us at the studio shooting for his new catalog. We also stumbled in JTown and met up with the Arch Rival and Hundreds cats! Thanks to Jason and David for hooking us up!

For our last show, we did it at The Dragonfly in Hollywood. The odds were against us. Most of the musicians playing at the venue were Indie Rock. The Analog Dive kids, Packo and I were definitely pressured but had confidence on rocking this show. Once Analog Dive went on, the crowd went berzerk. I mean, there must have been some Hawaii heads yelling “cheee-huu” in the crowd cause it was crackin’! And when I got on the stage, it was all at ease. Peace to Maybelle, Jeremy, Eddie the promoter and MASTA ACE for coming down and supporting a brother!

On our final night in LA, we chilled in Culver City and kicked it at this place called Father’s Office. Fine beer on tap and burgers that were mouth-watering, or should I say, Broke Da Mout! Big ups to Analog Dive and friends. It was definitely fun and we will definitely do it up again, guys!

And this was definitely the cherry on top…WORLD’S GREATEST DJ…DJ PACKO!

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3 Responses to The Ultimatum Cali Tour RECAP!

  1. TIZZLE TIM says:

    FRESH!!!!!!!!!!!! CREED!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guidebook Beats says:

    damn i wish i was there to see this happen…glad you had fun fam

  3. steve nance says:

    Thanks for the shout out Creed! We had so much fun in LA. Anytime you want to come through the Southwest hit me up. Good Hip Hop is thriving out here. Peace and Respect. Oki -Mantis Fist/ Skull Control Records.

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